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Welcome to Adventure!

Captains Andre and Jack will take you on an unforgettable sailing adventure on the luxurious "Black Pearl" (Jeanneau 57`).  You will explore beautiful coasts and Islands as no other land lover could, using their standard means of transportation.

During your stay on the Black Pearl you will leave your normal lives on shore and start earning your sea legs.  You will get a glimps into a life that some may not have thought existed, one that is filled with adventure, passion, sacrifice and above all the open sea.  You will eat, drink, love, sing, dance, sleep and wake with smiles on your faces ready and eager for new adventures like real sea wolves.  And who knows, this may even ignite a new passion in your lives that only your fellow sailors will ever understand.

We will show you all the beautiful islands as well as their secret coves and guarantee you enough time for exploring each one to its fullest.  We will introduce you to the history and culture of each new place and you will dine on the best local cuisine so that you can fully immerse yourselves in this adventure.

If you have ever had a yearning to learn to sail on the open seas, all you need to do is ask and your wish can come true.  On this adventure you will have as much "hands on" or "hands off" of the sails as you wish.  Wether you are looking for an all hands on deck adventure or a slow relaxing luxury cruise from island to island, we can accommodate all your requests.  The rolling of the waves, the beautiful sunsets and all the seas habitat will be included for your viewing pleasure.  Our goal is to make this once in a life time adventure of your dreams a reality so that you will come back year after year for more.  We hope that you will enjoy your time with us and recommend us to your friends so that they can also make their sailing dreams become a reality.