About us

Our Captains met during a sailing competition that took place in Krakow on the Cadet class sail boats.  Each of them were on rival teams; though neither one of them won the race that day, they became lifelong friends who to this day share the same passion of sailing and the sea.  For many years they lost contact with each other when Andre left Europe but somehow Jacek found him on the opposite side of the world and they picked up right where they left their friendship, dreaming of sailing and the sea.  Today, joined at the hip with many years of sailing experience between them, they invite you on a once in a life time sailing vacation of your dreams.  It is these two captains who often times communicate without words and trust each other with their own lives that make up the incredible crew of the yacht the "Black Pearl".


Captain Andre Skarka began his life of sailing very early on. As an 11 year old boy he became a member of the Polish sailing club AZS Krakow and almost immediately began competing with in his age group on the following class of small boats: Cadet, OK Dinghy, Hornet, 420 and the Finn winning medals and starts regionally and internationally. To this day he is an active competitor in many regattas in the Finn class in Europe as well as the USA. At age 18 he became interested in sailing larger keel yachts on the open seas, enabling him to participate and or compete in many open sea regattas and races. To this day he has sailed thousands of nautical miles and has visited many beautiful ports on our planet and hopes that this journey will continue for years to come.


Jacek Kiluk began his sailing adventure at the young age of 10 years on Cadet class yachts with the Yacht Club "Budowlani" Nowa Huta (currently YKP Krakow). This was the first step towards moving up to more adult class yachts like the Hornet, 420 and Finn. Though he enjoyed this type of friendly competition, sailing on the open seas is what eventually became his passion. The first official race that Jacek sailed was on his yacht club's yacht the Wanda when he was only 18 years old. This first race proved to be a difficult one with bad weather conditions and at times near freezing temperatures, but all this did not deter Jacek from this new found passion. During his studies at the University of Jagielonia he signed up to the Krakowia Yacht Club and participated in many competitions on the "Jagiellonia" Yacht, first as part of the crew and a few years later as a career Captain. Jacek's sailing CV has a vast array of accomplishments that include the following: Sailing around Cape Horn, Land of Franz Josef expedition, Sailing across all the oceans Sailing the Polynesian Islands, Sailing the Patagonia Canals.